Protection Against Germs & Viruses

Studies show vehicles interiors are 1,700 times dirtier than the family home.

In under 10 minutes, the application of Transform Sanitizer will kill harmful germs and viruses living in your customer’s vehicle interiors.


Transform Sanitizer Spray

Introducing Transform Sanitizer

Dealership For Life proud to announce our partner MetroTech Chemical® has ramped up production of their TRANSFORM SANITIZER product to SANITIZE your dealership and sales/service vehicles free of harmful microbial pathogens. 

TRANSFORM SANITIZER is easy to apply with a HVLP hand-held sprayer or fogger in under ten minutes. Application of Transform Sanitizer can cost as little as $1 per vehicle interior. Dealership Service Operations can offer applications of TRANSFORM SANITIZER as a courtesy or stand-alone service. 

What are the benefits of 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide ClO₂?

It’s effective Pure ClO₂ is a powerful oxidizer — germs and bacteria are unable to build up a tolerance. It is effective against wide varieties of dangerous microorganisms including:
– germs – viruses – fungi
– spores – mold & mildew – bacteria

It’s gentle — Unlike other disinfectants, there are no corrosion concerns at use levels. ClO₂ can be used on food, water and in food preparation areas.

It’s pure — Our technology is eco-friendly and OMRI organic certified, requiring no special disposal or handling requirements. The activated solution has a neutral pH.

Disinfects Against:

  • Coronavirus
  • H1N1
  • Staphylococcus aureus

  • Hepatitis A

  • methicilin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA)

  • 100’s of others

Learn More About Transform Sanitizer

New solutions to reduce health care-acquired infections. Powerful efficacy with low toxicity. Pure chlorine dioxide from MTC.


  • Average cost per vehicle is less than $1.00
  • 10 minute or less application time, no wiping, no drying
  • Safe and effective for all surfaces including electronics and glass
  • Great for ‘Why Buy Here, Why Service Here’ to differentiate your sales and service department
  • So safe it is actually on every commercially grown tomato in the United States

“It’s like a flu shot for your car.”

“This is the very best way to kill microbial pathogens that live in your vehicle.”

This topic has been reported by notable news and medical programs

Public awareness of harmful germs continues to escalate…With major media venues reporting on public concern of potential environmental illness.

A Proven Effective Solution

Transform Sanitizer has been an effective solution in eliminating threats caused by bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microbes and pathogens making our environments cleaner, safer, and more efficient. 

General Disinfection

This patented technology is routinely used to disinfect non-porous surfaces in schools, fitness centers, spas, office centers, food processing facilities, and more!

Hospitality Services

The chemicals used to make Transform Sanitizer are used by professionals in the hotel and hospitality industries. 


Currently used on commercial farms, this patented technology helps eliminate bacteria, mold, and spoilage microbes.

Food & Beverage

This patented technology is routinely used to sanitize food processing facilities and equipment.

Healthcare Facilities

The patented chemical compound is currently in use at medical facilities and hospitals. 

Laboratory Facilities

This patented technology is currently used by clinical laboratories to maintain sterile environments.

Purchase Transform Sanitizer

Transform Sanitizer – Individual Bottle

Each bottle of Transform Sanitizer is enough to perform between 150-175 vehicle applications.

Transform Sanitizer – Case

A Case of Transform Sanitizer Contains 4 bottles (2.5 gallons). Each bottle is enough for 150-175 vehicle applications.

How To Use Transform Sanitizer

Transform Sanitizer has been an effective solution in eliminating threats caused by bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microbes and pathogens making our environments cleaner, safer, and more efficient. 

Vehicle Application Instructions

Office Application Instructions

Recommended Tools

Application of Transform Sanitizer is easy using either of these spray controllers. 

Gravity Feed Air Spray

The Central Pneumatic 20 Oz. HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Available through Harbor Freight. High volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun with less overspray.

Wagner Control Spray

We recommend the application of Transform Sanitizer is done using the Control Stainer 350 HVLP Handheld Sprayer by Wagner.
The Wagner Control Sprayer is available from Home Depot.

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